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The most sympatric ogre of the screens now comes back in a third episode
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The most funny ogre of the screen now comes back, and he is doing it with his unspeakable friend Donkey, the beautiful Fiona and Puss in Boots, besides a good number of secondary characters. Now it is only matter of time what these crazy characters have to offer us. Based on the third part of the movie with the same name from DreamWorks, this game is launched on multiple platforms.

Shrek the Third has 20 missions, which are based on the movie; there are also some added places that will make the game longer and funnier. The adventure will make use of all the character’s abilities, like Shrek's "Ogre Power", Fiona's "Flying Kick", Puss-in-Boots' "Cute Puss", Sleeping Beauty's sleeping "Swoon" attack, and Artie's "Power of Excalibur". A new set of minigames have been included in the game to add a little bit more fun to it. Such games include tearing down towers with a canon, pirate combat, frog hunting or walking through the catacombs. Once the player has cleared any of these mini games, he/she will be able to play it again with up to 3 friends more. At the end of each mission the player finds the big boss bad guy, and in order to defeat him, it will be necessary to ask our friends for help. The game's interface and controls are very simple. Regarding the graphics and sounds, we encounter that those aspects are very alike the movie, making the player to feel inside the movie itself.

Rodrigo Rodriguez
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